the pace modular
origin story

Lew Dickie established the company that grew to be Pace Modular in the early 1980’s. The business had its modest beginnings as an office furniture maker in a small but well organised garage. 

Demand for the high quality products soon created the need to move to a commercial premise with specialised woodworking equipment. The trend continued with demand for Pace Modular’s quality furniture increasing year after year. 

20 years and several location changes later, Pace Modular now resides in a large commercial building in Bell Block. A visit to the workshop showcases the latest of CNC and edging machines, producing only the highest quality of modular furniture for clients in New Zealand and internationally.

Over years of operation, the company has evolved with changing consumer demands. Pace Modular’s focus has changed from concentrating solely on office and commercial furniture to making a wide range of kitchen and storage cabinets, plus the required fronts and panels. From standard kitchen designs to completely customised designs and fabrications, Pace Modular is able to deliver a high quality solutions and products.

our dedication to our clients

At Pace Modular, we believe that the customer is at the centre of all that we do. We focus on providing high quality products, communication and customer service.

We believe in making what the customer wants, but at the same time advising them on the best type materials to use, drawing on our many years of experience (combined 130+ years). This way we are able to deliver a superior result for our clients.

Custom Design and Manufactured Furniture of the Highest Quality

We strive to deliver only the highest quality of kitchen storage and office furniture to our clients. For us, anything less is simply not good enough. We continually up-skill our staff and knowledge base to ensure that we are informed of the latest trends in design and fabrication.

Furthermore, our state of the art CNC and edging machines are some of the latest in the country. This means we can deliver custom furniture solutions of the highest quality at competitive prices and with a short turnaround time. Isn’t it time that you experienced the Pace Modular difference.

Our dedication to quality is also highlighted by our membership with the Master Joiners Group. Master Joiners are represented by some of New Zealand’s best joinery manufacturers who pride themselves on delivering high quality products and services. We are one of those.

quality workmanship is our guarantee

We are so confident in the quality build of all our products that we offer a 10-year guarantee on our workmanship. 

We’re here to help you make your dream kitchen a reality. Contact us for a 100% free, no-obligation design consult to discuss your ideas for a new kitchen. 

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